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We need your support more than ever. Our doors are closed and we don't know how long this will last. By buying a gift voucher you support us enormously. Enjoy a great dinner when we have left this behind. We are eternally grateful and hope to see you again very soon! Team Entrada

The Entrada Gift Card can now also be used when collecting or having meals delivered!
La Galleria Scheveningen, Blaze & Co, Trattoria La Riva or La Galleria Noordwijk  

A gift card from Entrada is always a good idea! You can spent the gift card at our nine restaurants. Who doesn't like to have a nice dinner. Drinks, lunch, high tea, high wine or dinner. What will it be? Pizza or chicken from the rotisserie. prefer something vegetarian? Everything is possible from a drink on a terrace to a culinary dinner. At various restaurants there is live music on weekends.

Want to enjoy at home? The gift card can also be used at the African Wines & Solo Vino wine store, in the store but also in the webshop.

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La Galleria Plein
La Galleria Boulevard
Steam Bar & Grill
Solo Vino Wijnwinkel
African Wines
La Galleria Noordwijk
Steam Noordwijk
Trattoria La Riva
Blaze & Co
Solo Vino Wine Bar

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